Looking at places in my hometown makes me think that sometimes perhaps it isn’t just coincidence that the ground in this photo is shaped the way it is when it rains, so the water collects perfectly in this small slope in the footpath just below the Wheel of Brisbane in Southbank. Maybe it was designed on purpose by someone with a photographer’s eye, just maybe.

When looking at something like the Wheel of Brisbane that has been photographed 1000 times before, it’s important to think how it can be shown differently. I love the way that the water is completely still in this photo to perfectly mirror what is above it, making it look almost fake. But trust me, I’m not at this kind of a level in Photoshop.

The biggest challenge encompassed in photography & why I love it so much is seeing & showing things differently. It’s easy to take a photo, it’s even easier to take a photo in a mystical location, but without stopping for a second & looking it’s hard to take an interesting photo.

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