Looking down at the tiny screen on the back of your camera & seeing a photo that you know is going to be good is the greatest feeling which I can’t describe with words.

While this photo may look simple enough a lot of planning happens before you hit the shutter button. During peak hour for instance, when I took this photo, the traffic is extremely difficult to time perfectly. At this time of day the traffic lights from which these head and tail lights came from change more frequently meaning that it’s rare to actually get many cars going in either direction at any one time.

When I turned and looked behind me off the Vitoria Bridge overlooking the Pacific Motorway in Brisbane, I spotted a car turning off to go up the overpass bridge located in the middle of this shot. I saw that many others were behind it which are seen to the left of the shot. I turned around to see that the cars heading towards me were almost lined up perfectly with the traffic headed in the opposite direction.

Sometimes you have to have a lot of patience and be ever so slightly blessed at the same time when trying to capture what you see in your head.

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