My name is Sam & welcome to my website! I love to capture motion & light to spark visual interest in my photos & I love showing ordinary things in a not so ordinary way.

Growing up, strangely enough, I never really took an interest in anything to do with a camera. I would see a photo and think to myself “that’s cool” but never really studied & appreciated it like I do today.

Oddly, I found my passion through a more unconventional path. As I started to get older I started to care more about ‘my image’ and the way I presented to people in public. I thought the best way to do this apart from fresh clothes, shoes, and hair was to be seen with a proper SLR camera. I couldn’t afford this working at McDonald’s but luckily for me, my Step Dad owned a Nikon SLR & one day when he wasn’t home and without him knowing I took the camera out with me.

I had not a clue what I was doing with it and I thought that I may as well know how to use it if I’m to carry it around all day. So I started doing some research on functions and settings, followed photographers on Instagram and started taking photos.

The more I learned & practiced the better my photos became. I started to watch more and more Youtube videos created by those I followed on Instagram, the biggest of which being Ben Brown. This is where my love for filming was discovered. I currently study film & actually get to study what I had been doing as a hobby for a little over a year at that point, which was nothing like school.

I post on my Instagram regularly and the first photo that I took which I actually liked is still up there. Looking back on it today there’s a lot that I would have done differently but in saying that I keep it there just to remind myself have come and how my style has evolved over time. I am looking to start building a portfolio beyond just my still images by shooting more video.

Thanks for your time and I hope my short little story was interesting to you!